Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week One 1/1/11-1/8/11

Jan 1st
It POURED on New Year Day, I love the rain! We went downstairs to see what Daddy was up to in the garage and Kaitlyn decided to play in the puddles and had a BLAST! I managed to get her to stop runnimg for one picture.

Jan 2nd
Toy Madness...this is our fornal dining room turned playroom and the kids take full advantage of all the room to play :)

Jan 3rd
We drove down to Auburn to have lunch with my dear friend Renate and baby Jason for lunch. While we were waiting my little 7 month old wanted to drive, giving me a glimpse of life in 16 years :P

Jan 4th
I love this, Kaitlyn was having the absolute best time pushing Blake around on the car...and he in turn absolutely loves this game! He grips the handles tightly and shrieks with delight, big grin on his face!

Jan 5th
Shorty before midnight, my littlest thought it was a great time to play...Mummy is not a fan of this new 'schedule' he's put himself on!! p.s Excuse the mis-matched pjs bit behind on laundry!

Jan 6th
Getting better and better at this couponing...saved $45 today and only spent $43!

Jan 7th
My little helper...since I'd put him in ridiculous pjs a couple of nights ago guess he wanted to make sure I got it sorted so he was back into actual pjs!

Jan 8th
The Zoo!! My parents blessed us with a membership to the zoo for Christmas this year and we thought Saturday would be a wonderful time to start utilizing that membership! We bundled up in the 40 degree weather, got lost on the freeway once and had a great day!! It was warm once the sun began to shine and there was no crowds to battle!